Sep 19, 2008

What Iphone Apps I am addicted to:

WIth the new iphone being a combination wii/nintendo DS, phone, email center, text messager, mobile internet browser, what apps have I got that are addicting me?

I am addicted to:

Othello (free)
Aurora Feint (free)

Which Apps are on my phone?

First things first: I haven't bought any apps yet, and will probably not consider them for quite some time. The free Apps I feel are essential:

Othello (free) : Great you vs Computer action in the classic strategy game to control territory
Stones (free) : A 2-player only version of Go. I am not good, but getting better.
Voicenotes (free) : Take voice-recorded notes and play them back later
ReMovem free (free) : because I have a daughter. The IPhone version of macintosh program OTIS. Otis is available for the iPhone for roughly $3.99
flashlight (free) : Good in a pinch. Don't laugh, it works.
Jirbo Match (free) : Because I have a daughter. Memory is good for children's mental development
LOL cats (free) : Because I need to smile every now and then
Aurora Feint (free) : Match game with time limits and goals to reach.
Zenbe Lists (free) : grocery lists with checkoffs. Awesome. Internet synching still turns me off, but lists work without it.

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