Sep 22, 2008

InDesign Tip: Save All Open InDesign Documents at one time!

Tyler Dockery works with InDesign on a daily basis. Feel free to email a questionBlogger Question: I keep 3 windows open in InDesign CS3 at a time when working catalog files. Is there a way I can save them all at once?

If you're a designer like me, you will often have 3-4 InDesign documents open on your desk at one time (Let's not even get started on how many documents I have on my desktop... Its a running joke!). Old documents that you'll need to grab elements from, template pieces, and image grabs... Or just so much work that you have to keep everything open in order to stay on task. But, what do you do if you need to close out prior to a storm, or a quick dash out for an appointment?

CMD + Option + Shift + S

When pressed together, this function will save all of your documents back in their places without forcing you to adjust dialog boxes or InDesign settings.

Why would you need to "save" an InDesign document? First and foremost, probably just for peace of mind issues.

Most designers feel that they cannot always trust the temporary file. While the temporary file reloads automatically on indesign start, it doesn't always work. If an error exists, the temporary file will load, and recrash InDesign.

Plus, its always a safe bet to save your work. If possible, every 15 minutes. Best practices and all that.

Thanks! And, if there are more questions you'd like to know, I'll do my best to answer them.

Tyler Dockery
Senior Partner, Knotts & Associates


Anonymous said...

Interesting tip...

I save my work in InDesign as a matter of course. I have been the victim of power outages which have destroyed my temp files, and on more than one occasion have seen my temp files become corrupted and unusable.

If anything can go wrong when I'm on deadline, it often does.

I'll be using this tip. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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