Sep 19, 2008

Purchasing the iPhone

After trying and trying to get my verizon account in order, I had a funny experience the other day. While playing with my daughter at a friends' house, her Godfather thought it might be humorous to push me in the pool.

It was, I laughed. Everybody laughed. Everyone I've told about it laughs. My phone and wallet were in my pocket. My verizon razor phone flashed disco lights for about 5 days, and then went off permanently.

I decided the time was RIPE for me to get an iPhone. The biggest hurdle: getting my wife on board. The strategy: she gets one too, and I buy them. She thought this was a very very bad idea. After I discussed my need, she promptly announced that she would read the bad reviews online, and visit the website.

The conversation went a little something like this: "Aha! it says right here.. Ooh! But doesn't... Ahh! Um... Hm... GPS built right in?..."

So we went down and bought in. The apple store was hopping, but the employees weren't breaking a sweat. Our line wait was about 3 minutes before a service person pulled us right out and got our order started.

I was a little weirded out that we HAD to sign up right there on the spot for a plan. We ordered 700 minutes between the two of us and unlimited internet access for roughly $170 a month. Additional people would be about $5 each. I'll have to see about getting a plan for the entire Knotts & Associates team....

Later, I went back and doubled my minutes at the AT&T store: Total price? $20 more. 1400 minutes per month which rollover, and unlimited nights, weekends, and mobile-to-mobile. What a great deal!! I'm part of the olde garde, and did not want any text messaging. While this normally would have cost us $0.15 to receive, and an additional $0.30 I opted to have all text messages blocked from my phone.

Whether I count turning off text messaging, or switching to the iPhone: Best decisions I ever made.

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