Jul 9, 2009

BNI Durham Rainmakers interview Tyler Dockery

Today, we're meeting with Tyler Dockery, Lead Creative with Dockery Design, a graphic design firm and web design studio in Hillsborough, North Carolina.
interview took place on 7-9-2009

BNI: So, Tell me about what you do?

Dockery: As owner and lead creative at Dockery Design, I set the pace for graphic and web design projects— meeting with clients and really getting to the heart of the issue. Once the problem is out in the open, we design and create the best communication possible. In short, we're a team of graphic designers and web designers, but we help businesses to step up, and stand out.

BNI: Who is in, or what is your target market?

Dockery: Our greatest repeat customers tend to be people with an ongoing need for print or web design— training companies, printers, marketing consultants, restaurants and schools. We work with a great deal of small business clients who have realized they need to have a more distinct voice. Many companies who have been in business for 3-5 years begin to realize that there is so much competition that their business needs to step up if their company is going to stand out. These are businesses that will benefit from our services.

BNI: What do you like most about what you do?

Dockery: Graphic and web design is a real outlet for creativity, and a way to help people find the information that they need in a pleasing way. Working with these kinds of communication issues is also a great opportunity for creative problem solving. While I love both of these things, the thing I like most about working in this field, is how excited people get when they get a chance to see the final product. They want to show everyone, and that excitement is infectious!

BNI: What's new or exciting in your industry?

Dockery: Google just announced they are having a new operating system to go against Windows in 2010. Everything will be based off remote computers, like a 1970s computer room, only tens of thousands of times more effective- and free. Imagine not having to BUY or UPGRADE to the newest system every few years! Imagine having a set of programs that you won't need to keep on your computer, and you won't need to upgrade.

BNI: What sets you apart from your competition?

Dockery: We create presentation-level graphics and designs at every stage of the creative process. Our team can cover any web or graphic solution you may need, with the exception of video. We have PMP certified project managers, and MENSA members on staff to help analyze and manage your projects. Also, we're each stunningly handsome.

BNI: What lead you into your own business?

Dockery: In 2005, I worked as an art director for a publishing company that created magazines, marketing pieces, advertising, and managed print production and yearly events. The company was being driven into the ground from a lack of trust. The owner did not trust the marketing manager and tried to do her job for her. The Marketing manager did not trust the graphics department, and submitted final designs to them. No one focused on their job. I knew if our department had freedom to act, we could produce some amazing things. I openedDockery Designs in late 2005, and taught classes at Wake Tech Community College to supplement until consulting work became more lucrative.

BNI: Where are you located, and where do you service?

Dockery: Our studio area is located in Hillsborough, NC. Our team services clients in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area, and we've have clients in Texas and Georgia recently, but most clients are in North Carolina

BNI: What's your most popular product or service?

Dockery: Our most popular products at this time are web based. With the economy is such rough shape, print mailing has really fallen off. New Websites are very popular, upgrading or updating materials are a close 2nd. HTML email is also tagging along in 3rd. Business Cards and print ads fall smoothly into 4th and 5th.

BNI: How do you generate most of your business?

Dockery: Word of mouth advertising is our #1 referral source (when people have a great piece, they just LOVE showing it to people!). That's why I joined BNI. Most of our customers have already decided they need a designer, or they want to make their website— but they just haven't found anyone yet. Once we get a chance to meet with them, things usually fall right into place.

BNI: How can I tell when I meet someone that they are a good referral for you?

Dockery: Has someone mentioned that they don't like their brochures or website? That they need business cards soon? That they bought a domain name for a website, but just haven't gotten started? These people would be great referrals for me. Anyone who notes that they just aren't very pleased with their current designer, people who complain about how long a website update takes them are also fine referrals.

BNI: What's the biggest challenge for you in your business?

Dockery: A client with a lack of decision-making power. When a committee needs to choose the best design for an annual report or website, they often will deliberate and discuss a lot of their deadline time away. We may work with a contact person and meet their needs, but if the committee decides against it... we have to go back to the drawing board. A good decision-maker alwayssmoothes the project and gives great, direct feedback.

BNI: If we don't know a referral for you, what can we do to help you?

Dockery: If you don't know a referral for me, ask me for business cards. Take 2, and Give them out during the week to people that you know. Chances are, they might know someone who could have a need for my services. Every little bit helps.

Today we were talking with Tyler Dockery, Creative Lead at Dockery Design. You can learn more about the Dockery Design team at their website: www.dockerydesign.com

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