Jun 8, 2009

Tyler Dockery Chosen as Acclaimed Speaker

In April, Tyler Dockery was requested and subsequently chosen as industry speaker to BNI.

On July 3rd, 2009, Tyler Dockery addressed Business Networking International (BNI) with his smash program: What Your Website Should Be Doing For You. For Business Networking International, Tyler Dockery— Creative Lead at Dockery Design— covered discussion points related to small and large businesses alike, and then answered numerous questions.

Topics for this talk included:
  • What CAN a website do for me/my business?
  • What SHOULD a website do for me/my business?
  • Using your website to track and get feedback from your customers.
  • Your website should encourage people to act!
  • Your website should MAKE you money, not COST you money.
  • What your website CAN'T do for you/your money.
  • Driving traffic to your site.

A strong pillar of the discussion revolved around treating your website like your top selling staff member. Any sales member would be reviewed monthly or yearly— but when was the last time most businesses gave a strong review to their website? Your website is an important branding element, and establishes your professionality— It should never be left in the lurch.

"Your website should fit hand-and-glove with any advertising or marketing campaign you are running, multiplying any advertising dollars you are spending." stated Tyler Dockery before the group of business professionals. "A well established website should be bringing you leads every month. If it isn't, you may want to review and revisit your website's position."

A successful website should have all the information anyone would ever need about the name, rank, and serial number features of your business— phone, address, emails, business hours, menus, venue/location pictures, staff bios, client lists, services and pricing, among others.

To help keep the point fresh and clear, Tyler Dockery presented a short whitepaper outlining the finer points and expanding on the major issues. The whitepaper "What Your Website Should Be Doing For You" is available free of charge, along with several other business whitepapers, at the Dockery Design Website:



Tyler Dockery is a designer, consultant, and educator with specialties in print production and web mechanics. Tyler is a member of MENSA and Arts Commissioner for Orange County, North Carolina, and the Lead Creative at Dockery Design. He has worked in the field of Design with such prestigious firms as Environmental Design in Georgia, as well as Generate Design, and Knotts and Associates in North Carolina.

Visit the Dockery Design team at www.dockerydesign.com

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