Oct 1, 2008

Create Popup information in your text and image links!

Question: How can I get extra information to pop up when people rollover my images or text links? I've seen this done before, and its always been informative.

Answer: This is done with a simple tag called "TITLE". While the ALT tag is good for readers, the title tag allows search engines to give importance to what you label as title as well as what you include in your text links. Let's see it in action, shall we?

Your typical text link: <a href="http://www.yourwebsite.com"> Learn about our team</a>

A text link with TITLE added <a href="http://www.yourwebsite.com" title="The best darn website ever">Learn about our team</a>

Try it out: Learn about our team

Follow up Question: So I can use this for SEO. How can I use this to my advantage?

Answer: Good Question. This will allow you to add a few extra keywords into your web page without boring your viewers with repetition, and connecting those keywords to your link source as well. All around its a good fit for most pages, grabs the viewer's attention when they pop up, and also makes a little more for spiders to sink their teeth into.

Don't walk down the dark path though. It seems really easy for many people to think they can just jam keywords out of site, and no one will notice. But people do notice- web and engine crawlers notice. It can be easy to get those happy-go-lucky machines into a cranky mood by stuffing unrelated items in edge-wise. If it feels wrong, don't bother.

Your best bet here is just to fill in extra content as needed, but make sure its something that will entice the viewer. Choose "your one stop design shop for graphic design" over "graphic, graphic design, design, web design, web, html, css, awards, award-winning" every time.

Go out and try it today, and send me a link in the reply section to show me what you can do!

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