May 18, 2009

Get Clients Now! Week 1 report

Get Clients Now! 

Week 1

My name is Tyler Dockery, and I am the lead creative with Dockery Design. I run a small print, presentation, and web design firm. And, I am looking for new clients.

Specifically, I  am writing about my first week in the 28 day Get Clients Now! program for professionals, consultants, and coaches by C. J. Hayden.

I will usually find something interesting for 2 weeks or so— and then see my interest start to wane— so my hope is that by posting this material to my website, I will be forced to be accountable. In times of famine, I usually begin my marketing effort, and then let it lapse in time of feasting. 

The book sets out a great quotation:

"Make marketing your first priority instead of the last thing you do"

In short, market even when business is as full as it can be, and you will prosper. It is difficult to consider putting that first, even in front of the work, but I am willing to try.


The primary focus of the GCN (get clients now!) program this month will be filling the pipeline. Filling the pipeline is usually the first step in the universal marketing cycle.


Get the marketing plan worksheets from the GET CLIENTS NOW! web site < >.

My program goals and planned ingredients and actions for the next 28 days.

Start Date:  

May 18, 2009

What Strategies will you use: 

Direct Contact and Follow-up, Networking and Referral Building, Writing and Publicity

Where are you stuck or what needs the most work: 

Filling the pipeline

How much business do you really want:

I'd like to double my monthly income 

What would that get you: 

Reduction of business and personal debt

What is your program goal:

10 new prospects / 2 new clients

What is your reward: 

Get the house professionally cleaned

Success Ingredients

1) Descriptions of services: These are mostly complete, but a full list with rates doesn't exist, and pictures would also be nice

by June 1, 2009


2) Blog Fulfillment: The blog has topics out the wazzoo, and whitepapers on deck. I need to fulfill the blog and bring it up a notch. Starting with 2 posts a week is a great choice. Quality ideas make quality resources. that means traffic, leads, and jobs.

by June 8

3) Creation of an Email Newsletter

Quarterly / Monthly topics can be achieved if I have 4 in the can. The design look needs to be innovative or at least attractive. Main sources will revolve around blogs, whitepapers, clients, and interviews with BNI members and leads group citizens.

by June 15 for 18th delivery


  1. Spend 1/2 hour each day on my Success Ingredient Projects
  2. Visualize success daily
  3. Post 1 blog / forum comment per day (LinkedIN, StartupPRO, etc.)
  4. Post 2 blog entries per week
  5. Send 5 emails or letters to businesses per day
  6. Warm Call 2 prospects per day
  7. Have a 1-on-1 with a BNI colleague every week
  8. Attend 1 Networking function per week outside of BNI
  9. Make 1 new resource and add to the web each week
  10. Make 1 new Community Contact per week


30 minutes on leisure each day, as time allows.

Can't wait to see how things go, I'll keep things posted.

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